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Dent King (Pops A Dent)

Buy 1 Dent King & Get 1 Fix It Pro Pen,1 Car Vacuum Cleaner,1 Water Gun Spray Free

Price:Rs 3100/- Offer Price: Rs 1890/-

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Remove Ugly Dings and Dents From Your Car's Finish with Dent king

The Do-It-Yourself Dent & Ding Repair Kit Imagine a lovely brand new sedan with a dent on it. It is bound to make one’s eyes sore. But getting it repaired from a high-end paint shop is going to cause a hole in the pocket of the owner. Dents not only appear ugly on the outside but also reduce the value of the car because no one wants to buy a pre-owned car with major scratches or dents on them. Dent King, in this case can be the ultimate choice. They are do-it-yourself kits that enable the person to repair dents from his car and on his own without having to be an expert in automobiles and their functioning.

Dent King is a quick and comparatively easy way to make those ugly dents disappear and is the same technology used by the professionals who are into car body works and repair. It repairs dents on any part of the vehicle and

The kit generally consists of:

  • 2-3 dent removal stems (for different sized dents)
  • Professional Glue gun
  • Instruction manual
  • Knockdown tool


  • It is developed by experts in the auto-body business
  • There is an arched bridge that prevents further damage, systems without the arched bridged add dents to the car.
  • The adhesive system removes dents without making the process sticky and messy. No residue of this glue is left behind.
  • Dents can be prepared irrespective of where they are present.
  • It is easy to use and economical.


To remove a dent using Dent King it is necessary to do it in a place, which is warm and not cold. This product does now work magically. It could take an hour or more depending on the dent size. It is not advised for a car that has been repainted as the glue may cause the paint to chip. It is safe for use on cars that have their original paint on. It is more apt for a dent that is in the form of a crater than a dent that has several folds or wrinkles. Care has to be taken as the glue is very hot.

There is no residue of glue left but just incase it dries off it can be removed using alcohol. It is not a one-attempt success therefore patience is the key. Avoid using a lot of glue, use glue enough to fill in all the holes. It is necessary to clean area of and around the dent to provide better traction. No special tools than the ones provided in the kit are needed.

Dents being an expensive thing to repair many people leave the dents on the car to avoid repair costs and move around with their vehicle. Dent King is surely a middle path option without spending too much money on professional repair costs and ugly look of the car. It is a guarantee that there will be no damage to the car body while using the kit. So next time an ugly dent sticks out, pop it out instantly on your ow

Just Stick, Twist and the Dent is Gone!!


Buy the Original Dent King (Dent King), Beware of cheap Knock off's.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will using Dent King(Dent King) hurt the paint job?

No. The specially formulated glue will not affect OEM paint finishes. Dent King (Dent King) should not be used on re-painted cars.

2. What types of damage can be removed by Dent King?

Dent King (Dent King)will remove all soft dents up to the size of a grapefruit if the dent is not on an edge or bodyline. Dent King (Dent King) will also remove hail damage from vehicles.

3. My dent did not come out perfect, I followed the steps, did I do something wrong?

No, It may take several pulls to achieve the desired result of perfection. Larger dents may not be repaired to 100% perfection, but may still be repaired and greatly improve the appearance of your vehicle.

4. Which dent pulling tab do I use?

You want to use the pulling tab the just covers the center of the dent. For example if you have a quarter size dent you would want to use the small oval puller that is the size of dime.

5. I have used the puller several times on the dent and it still has a small little dent left what did I do wrong?

Nothing. The dent evidently has too sharp of a center or is too large and it is beyond the capability of the puller. The appearance of the dent should still, however, be greatly improved.


Car Vacuum Cleaner With Powerful Search Light

  • Specially Designed
  • Wet Dust & Dry Double Use
  • Power Full
  • Allows You To Clean Darkest Corner Of Your Car
  • Flexible Tube For Cleaning Corner
  • Durable ABS plastic housing
  • Wide Crevice Tool Attachemnt
  • Extra long power cord
  • Allows complete access to the entire interior of your car
  • Easy to Use & Handle the Product
  • 12V power supply

Fix It Pro-Car Scratch Remover Pen

Fix it Pro Pen - The revolutionary liquid clear coat that contains UV hardeners which allow it to fill level and cure. fix it Pro Pen is the fastest scratch remover that safely repairs scratches from your car's finish quickly and easily. fix it and forget about it! The fix it Pen is the only scratch repair remover that you will ever need to safely remove scratches, scuffs, and nicks from any car. Simply apply the pen directly to your car, buff it into the scratch and wipe away. Save money and time. No need to take in your car into the repair shop every moment your car gets a scratch. You can do it yourself and achieve a professional look every single time.

Garden / Bike wash Flat Hose Water Gun Spray For Car

Product Description :-

Flat Hose Water Gun Spray For Car / Bike/ Garden / Pet wash perfect flat hose 4 function sprayer - Full Action, Sharp Stream, Gentle Shower & Flat Spray Perfect for Cleaning Cars, Bike ,Watering Equipment and cleaning jobs in the garden & Pet wash.

General Features :-

Flat Hose Water gun Spray for Car / Bike /garden / Pet Wash

  • a) 10Ft. Length.
  • b) Makes watering plants or car washing easier.
  • c) Lightweight, enabling easy moving.
  • d) Winds up easily, without twisting.
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